Get authentically aligned

so you can increase confidence 

consistency and cash flow in your business

Let me guess

you are here because you’re struggling with 


From your title to your offers you feel all over the place and can't seem to clearly convey who you are and how you help


Stuck in comparisonitus mode constantly following your competitors or the big influencers on social media


In constant worry mode about pricing, sales, and making a steady income in your business has you stressed

yep…welcome to the wonderful world of female entrepreneurship…

where it’s not as glamorous as Instagram makes it out to be…


the neuroscience + spirituality obsessed coach

Founder of the Alcheme™ Program, NLP Practitioner, Clinical Hynotherapist, Astrologer, and Life + Success Coach.

I help female entrepreneurs get authentically aligned in their business with Mindset Coaching, Astrology, and Human Design so that they can increase their confidence, consistency, and cashflow.  

First, let me just say STOP IT! (I’m imaginary smacking you right now)… It is not your fault that the interwebs always trick all new entrepreneurs into thinking this sh*t’s so freaking easy. 

When in reality, you’ve just signed-on for the greatest personal development journey of your life. After doing this for years, I (and my clients) can testify that what you really need is a radical mindset shift.

which is why I'm here...;)


just for like a minute

Building a business is f*cking hard. Yet every where you turn, everyone appears to be doing it so easily. They’re launching funnels, growing groups, making bank, and making even more bank by telling you it’s so simple to do. 

But, before you even get to the funnel, you’re gonna spend about-oh I’d say 6 months or so-f*ckin’ around with your limiting-beliefs, self-sabotaging, and doubting your ability to actually make this business thing work in the first place.

And since (well, let’s not mince words here) you have poor money mindset and insecurity, a major part of this 6-months will be spent trying to ‘reverse-engineer’ what your favorite guru is doing because you don’t know/trust your divine power.

This means you’re going to change your niche, ideal client avatar, social media bio, and website branding every week, and download every tiny-offer that pops up in your feed because it’s all you’re willing to invest in.

look I get it...I've been there

which is why I feel I must tell you the radical truth:

your f*cked up mindset is the only real thing holding you back

eeep... I said it...#sorrynotsorry



quick question though…


get out of your head and get on with building a business that’s based solely on your unique needs and personality?



the mindset and business training that blends neuroscience with a touch of spirituality and the transformational with the tactical


nope...we're doing some real sh*t here ladies



I call this radical self-awareness because the experience of knowing exactly who you are, who you serve, and how you best serve is so liberating and emotional you may actually shed tears of joy


From your brand to your offers and marketing, get ready to feel so aligned that not only will it be easier to show up in your business, but you will actually want to because it's fun again


Permission to be (or become) your authentic self by healing your inner child and embracing the person you've always known you were before the world told you who you should be


this program is 100% self-study and go at your own pace and includes




module zero


Welcome to the program! I’m so excited for your journey. In this first module you will be learning all about how to navigate and make the most out of your investment. 

Choosing to invest in coaching is a personal choice that seems daunting at times, so I’m committed to immediately making you feel that you made the right purchase.

module one

Radical awareness

At the time of our birth, the planets and stars aligned in such a way and they will not align in that exact way again for another 4,320,000 years. Never-the-less, you’re still what everyone else has or wants in their life.
Question: What do you want? Would you still want it if the world hadn’t told you you should?

If you’re struggling to answer these questions honestly, don’t feel bad. This is why you need to get back in touch with the you that existed before the world told you who you should be. 

This is the power of Human Design and Astrology, and this first week is dedicated to finding clarity around you, the real you. 

module two

decondition YOUR drama

Unconscious conflict caused by a lifetime of conditioning is why most female entrepreneurs fail to manifest the business they desire. Before we can start building though, we have to tear some things down.

Shadow work is key to releasing the negative thought patterns and limiting-beliefs that have held you back from abundance. 

You cannot Pass Go or Collect $200 without entering this realm first. Everything after this depends on how primed your mindset is. But this week alone is worth the entire cost of the program.

module three

Purpose to profits

We each have a unique purpose or role we are meant to play in our lifetime. While you are always in complete control as to how and where you will play this role, it’s always comforting to have a guiding light.

And it can help you with not only understanding who and how you were meant to serve but what strengths you have naturally, and what you need to develop in order to serve your clients better and manifest more abundance in your business and life. 

module four

Mindset for money

What is your relationship with money? Most new entrepreneurs either can’t or won’t answer this question correctly. 

This means we have trouble pricing our products and services, asking for money on sales calls or social media, and increasing our prices even if we’re dead-ass broke. 

Our messed-up relationship with money that’s been passed down to us since our childhood often rears it’s ugly head in the worst ways when you start a business. So this module is dedicated to helping you identify an heal your money mindset blocks so you can confidently attract and accept the abundance waiting for you. 

module five

soulful signature offers

I’m sure you’re being followed all over the internet by ads promising explosive growth in your business with ‘Tiny Offers’ or ‘eCourses’ or ‘Workshops’ the list can go on-and-on. You might be feeling a little overwhelmed and disillusioned. 

It’s a lot to have everyone in your face telling what types of programs you should create. That’s why I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that the best types of programs to launch are the one’s that completely light you up!  In this module you will: 

module Six

building magnetic brands

One of the mistakes every new entrepreneur makes is investing too much into their logo or website. While of course these things are important (I mean, you run an online business right?) they’re not what actually make your brand. And trust me, your brand is the key element that attracts people to you.

What really makes your brand is the intrinsic and intangible soul that you bring to the equation that is the core of your brand and will attract your ideal clients to you. In this module you will: 

module seven

Show and sell

Ahhh Sales. Usually the bane of every new entrepreneurs existence. 

But you shouldn’t be surprised by now to learn that your attitude towards sales is (again) completely conditioned. In reality, this a natural part of literally every functioning society. More importantly, you need to sell in order to make sales (ah hem, money) in your business. 

But what you don’t need to do, is sell in a way that’s not authentic, and that is going to require a rewire of your mindset about not just sales, but also imposter syndrome and feeling like you have to sell the way everyone else is selling. In this module you will: 

module Eight

good to goal

Want to know why ‘The Secret’ didn’t work for everyone? Well it’s because there are 11 other Universal Laws besides the Law of Attraction, which gets the most screen time and sells the most books. 

Most of the other universal laws involve some form of action. Even if that action is getting out of your own way. Taking inspired action towards your goals (once you really know what you want) is key to making them a reality. 

 In this module you will: 

Bonus workshops (value $1997)

hands up if you love free sh*t...yeah...that's what I thought

in addition to all the awesome program content and support you are also receiving access to these powerful workshops


pinterest power-up workshop

In this workshop you will learn how to use my favorite platform for furthering my reach and consistently bringing in warm leads to my business for less than $2.00/lead (yes, you read that correctly). 


tapping into abundance workshop

In this workshop you will learn how to use the power of EFT Tapping to unblock the energetic pathways within your body and release your resistance to abundance so you call magnetic and manifest faster. 


moon manifestation Workshop

This workshop will teach you how to align your emotional energy with the phases of the moon which can help you find balance in your life and business and manifest your dreams. 

Plus, You'll also get


Private community

I get it, not everyone will support you in your business. That’s why you need a community of likeminded women so you can fill your network with those who get you!

weekly calls

When you invest in coaching, you need to take advantage of everything you can. Every week you will get access to Business Q & A plus Mindset Mastery Sessions.

Resource library

Access to additional tools and resources for your business and spiritual journey including templates, workbooks, video recordings, audio recordings, and more. 

the total value of alcheme™ is over $3,997

but my confidence in your ROI is cray-cray high PLUS I know you need this girlfriend so here’s the price

One payment of


3 monthly payments of


“Before working with Shannon, I had a lot of ideas… and no idea where to start or what to pursue. I’d spent a lot of time talking and not enough time really tuning in to what was the right path for me. Shannon is so incredibly patient and lets me talk through my feelings of imposter syndrome and insecurity. When I get off track, she brings me back and refocuses our conversation so I can do the right things to make my business stronger. Shannon has guided me to finding confidence and “choosing a direction” seemingly countless times. Her emphasis on human design has been a total eye-opener to better understanding how and why I do what I do – to what makes me “tick.” I would absolutely recommend working with Shannon! Any woman who is interested in learning more about herself and what steps she should take to own her power should give Shannon a call. Working with her has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made – hands down.”


Krissi Driver - Content Creator + Freelance Writing Coach

“If you are just finding Shannon you need to stay tuned in! I found Shannon after a year of floundering around on my own trying to learn all the ins and outs of starting a coaching business online. I had started a lot of the systems but didn’t do them right and didn’t know how to connect them all together. I had NO strategy in place to launch my business and I was very overwhelmed. As soon as I landed on Shannon’s sales page I enrolled. Without a discovery call, without talking to her at all. She was so clear on what you will learn, that I knew she was the business coach I needed. It has been the absolute BEST decision I’ve made in business. She definitely over delivers and I am so grateful for her! I owe my success as a coach to her, because without her, I’d still be in the back end of my computer trying to figure it all out. Thank you Shannon, from the bottom of my heart.”

Sheri Brasier - Certified confidence coach

Before I started working with Shannon I felt so lost in what I was doing in my business. With so many social media influencers telling you the ‘tips and tricks’ and how to ‘find your clients’ I felt like I had lost who I wanted to be in my business and was completely off track. I was over thinking every single thing and lacked confidence in my abilities. I struggled with figuring out the best way to organically show up and serve my clients. Plus, I felt guilty because I wasn’t doing it the way ‘everyone else was doing it.’ My coaching sessions with Shannon were Mind Blowing! She was able to break down every part of my personality. All of the talents and gifts that I already had and were just ready to be sent out into the world to help serve others and all of the ‘dead weight’ that I would have to learn to let go of and overcome in order to reach my full potential. All of the things that I’ve been struggling with and beating myself up over, she helped me let it go and learn how to conquer all of them. She gave me the tools I need to help overcome my perfectionism and self-doubt. She showed me how to recognize and check my authority when making decisions. Especially if I feel like I have fallen into the the trap of overthinking and she gave me a safe space to release my pent up energy and self-criticism. Since working with Shannon I have been able to identify what will be the best way for ME and how to reach and serve my ideal clients authentically. As a result, I’m more confident in my capabilities as a business owner, I have a clear vision of my marketing and branding because I now know and understand more about myself. Not only have I seen an increase in booking more sessions, but I feel like the relationship with my clients is deeper and even the relationships with in my personal life have been impacted in a positive way. 

Joclyn Paulicheck - Family lifestyle photographer

try Alcheme™ out for yourself

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We understand that sometimes you follow your intuition when making purchases and it doesn’t turn out the way you expected. That’s okay! If after your first module you realize the program isn’t for your, then by all means, reach out to us and we’ll issue a refund.   

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Frequently Asked Questions

Alcheme™ is launching June 26, 2021 and is a Self-Study Mastermind.

Yes, you will have access to all program materials and login as long as your payment plan has completed (should you choose to select a payment plan). 

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Alcheme™  blends spirituality (Human Design, Astrology) with Neuroscience (Myers-Briggs, NLP, Time Techniques, Clinical Hypnotherapy, etc.) and Business (Marketing, Sales, Money Mindset) to help you create an authentically aligned well-branded business that you actually want to show up for consistently. 

This helps you attract the right clients and stand in your worth and authority as a female entrepreneur. 

If you join the program and find it’s not for you, you can cancel within 7 business days to receive a full refund. Simply email info@shannongurule with an explanation as to the refund request. 


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