I know, I know.. but hear me out okay! 


If you’re taking 2-hours to write one caption and then giving up and not posting…


If you’re showing up all the time, and letting people know that you are available for coaching, or accepting new clients and still hearing crickets…


and if after you finally worked up the courage to email your subscribers to let them know the doors are open and nothing..nada…zip….


And usually, that something wrong happened days and even weeks before the offer…


here's the white-hot truth

sales happen in the content!

send all the dm's you want,
if the content sucks
the sales aren't comin'

And even though  you know it’s super important, because you’re not quite sure what to say, when, and how to say it..

It's become the thing you dread doing the most

If you're ready to create content that sells in less time with less tears
then I've got the perfect thing for you...


the simple (and, my friend, I mean truly simple) system to creating all the content you need to establish your authority, build your community, and sell your stuff (even when you’re not launching)

here's what they're saying

This is AMAZING! Wait, it generates the headlines for you?! 🤯...that alone is worth the investment! That's the hardest part! No really, this is unlike anything else I've ever seen before....I'm like actually excited to create my content.
😱I have been searching for the perfect content calendar for years! I've tried everything...and I can honestly say this is hands down the best one. You've done things with this that I didn't even know was possible. WHEN CAN I BUY IT?!
Freelance Writing Coach

take a peek inside

I've got everything you need for a seamless planning and content creation session

01. strategy session

Everything in Strategic Content Creation begins with understanding your audience’s needs and being able to articulate exactly how your offer is the perfect solution. 

02. Headline generator

Once you know what you’re going to say, now the biggest hurdle: How exactly do you say it! I’ve taken the stress out of this part with my magic headline generator just input info about your content and boom! Have Fun. 

03. content calendar

The most comprehensive content calendar for making sure your Launches and Promotions run seemlessly.

04. content creation templates

25+ Story, Caption, Email, Live, and Long-Form Content templates for a smooth and effortless content creation process. Plus, Bonus ClickUp Marketing Template Pack so you can work right from your favorite tool.

05. Google Docs + PDF Version

If you’re still about that paper life, don’t worry, I’ve got you. Do everything in 8.5 x 11 Google Docs or Print for your favorite planner inserts. 

Meet Your Mentor

Hello, I'm Shannon!

Just your friendly Mindset + Business Mentor! In 2018 my first coaching business totally failed. I know what it’s like to start a business and feel stressed and depressed because you know nothing about marketing! 

I’ve created this product to help you feel in control and like you are the head of your marketing team. So you can stand out as a female entrepreneur and know your efforts are leading to income. 

Let’s go, the money is waiting for you! 


You’re getting access to everything you’ve paid for, for life. Because that’s how I roll…

It’s simple, this is about Strategy and Simplicity. I’m sure you’ve downloaded Content Templates before, but they just stay on the shelf because you don’t really know how to make them work for you. You haven’t dug into what will make your client feel like you really know them, and your offers are exactly what they need! That’s what Content to Conversion is all about. 

I’ve known what it means to be a new Female Entrepreneur who knows nothing about marketing. I’m teaching you what you need to know and what you need to do inside this program. 

Due to the nature of the content (i.e. it can’t be returned) there are no refunds with this course. This isn’t because I suck, it’s more because it’s not a physical product, it’s intellectual property which I can’t get back as an online business owner. I encourage you to do the same with all your digital offers as well ☺️.

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